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World Bank World Development Indicators

Title: World Bank World Development Indicators, 1960- (WDI).

Abstract: The World Bank World Development Indicators (WDI) contain statistical data for over 600 development indicators for over 200 countries and 18 country groups running from 1960 onwards. The extensive collection of development data includes social, economic, financial, natural resources and environmental indicators.

Main Topics: The following topics are covered:

  • people: population and demographics; labour and employment; poverty and income distribution; education; health
  • environment: land use and agricultural production; energy production and use; urbanization; emissions; adjusted savings
  • economy: national accounts (local currency); national accounts (US dollars); derived national accounts; purchasing power parity; trade; government finance; monetary; balance of payments; external debt
  • states and markets: investment climate; business environment; financial depth; tax and trade policies; defense expenditures and arms trade; military expenditures and arms trade; transport, power, and communications; information and technology
  • global links: investment and trade; financial flows; development assistance and aid; migration; travel and tourism.

Access data: UKDS.Stat. Openly available.

Dataset user guide: Guide to World Bank WDI

Citation: The bibliographic citation for the databases is: World Bank (<YYYY>): World Development Indictors (<date/edition of dataset>). UK Data Service. DOI: <edition specific doi - e.g. >.

Edition: You will be able to access the most recent edition of the World Bank WDI at UK Data Service. If you wish to access a previous edition of the data, please contact the UK Data Service directly using the UK Data Service help pages.

World Bank World Development Indicators April 2015 (data download 28th April 2015) was released on 1st May 2015. DOI:
World Bank World Development Indicators December 2014 (data download 17th December 2014) was released on 18th December 2014. DOI:
World Bank World Development Indicators May 2014 (data download 9th May 2014) was released on 5th June 2014. DOI:
World Bank World Development Indicators Jan 2014 (data download 6th Jan 2014) was released on 17th Jan 2014. DOI:
The September WDI 2013 edition (data download Sept 23 2013) was released on 8th Nov 2013. DOI:
The May WDI 2013 edition (data download May 7 2013) was released on 4th June 2013. DOI:
The January WDI 2013 edition (data download Jan 30 2013) was released on 20th March 2013. DOI:

Previous editions released by ESDS International:

The September WDI 2012 edition (data download September 28th 2012) was released on 20th December 2012. DOI: This data has been published on the UKDS.Stat beta release.
The April WDI 2012 edition (data download 14th June 2012) was released on 29th June 2012. DOI:
A Linked Data version of the World Development Indicators using October 2011 data has been produced and is available as RDF flat files at Accessing Linked Data. DOI:
The September WDI 2011 edition (data download 28th September 2011) was released on 4th Oct 2011. DOI:
The April WDI 2011 edition (data download 10th May 2011) was released on 11 May 2011. DOI:
The December WDI 2010 edition (data download 25th Jan 2011) was released on 31 January 2011.
The September WDI 2010 edition (data download 15th Nov 2011) was released on 25 November 2010 and also became 'open access'.
The May WDI 2010 (data download 20th Apr 2011) edition was released on 20 May 2010
The September WDI 2009 was re-released on 26 March 2010 with a minor correction
The September WDI 2009 edition released on 20 October 2009
The June WDI 2009 edition released on 7 July 2009
The December WDI 2008 edition released on 13 January 2009
The May WDI 2008 edition released on 23 May 2008
The November WDI 2007 edition released on 19 February 2008
The April WDI 2007 edition released on 5 September 2007
The September WDI 2006 edition released on 12 December 2006
The April WDI 2006 edition released on 15 June 2006
The September WDI 2005 edition released on 21 October 2005
The April WDI 2005 edition released on 17 May 2005
The November WDI 2004 edition released on 13 January 2005
The April WDI 2004 released on 27 September 2004
World Bank World Development Indicators 2003 was first made available via ESDS International on 9 February 2004

Creator: World Bank Group

Publisher: UK Data Service

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